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About Us

Eazypan is a brand of paytech IT services . It was established in 2020 with over 10000+ active retail touch point across 40 districts and all over India but our super active retail outlets are found in 4 states mainly Uttar Pradesh, Bihar , Madhya Pradesh and Assam our major motive behind the establishment of Eazypan is to bring the best needed solution for the customers residing at rural areas we are here with a initiative of making our services reach to the rural customers who have to face a lot of troubles for simple transactions and other digital services. With Eazypan, Paytech IT services stands with a wider vision of digitalizing rural areas and opening a large no. of active retail points thereby solving all the problems of digital services. On visiting our retail points customers can do faster transactions and get their pan cards created effectively our retailers as well as distributors enjoy great services and commissions with very less investments.

Under this platform, Eazypan renders advantageous services to it’s customers in terms of AEPS, mobile and DTH recharges, money deposits and withdrawal , Ayushman centers and pan cards services.




  • Single time Registration fees
  • Single wallet with multiple services
  • Instant Add money to wallet
  • Instant Add Pancard commission to wallet
  • 24/7 Support System
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Channel Partner

  • Single time Registration fees
  • Unlimited Retailer creation option
  • Instant Add money to wallet
  • Instant Add commission 10 to wallet
  • 24/7 Support System
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Smart Digital Outlet

  • Single time Registration fees
  • Fully Outlet Branding
  • Instant commission
  • Free Biometric device
  • 24/7 Support System
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PNJ Ayushman Bharat

PM-JAY Ayushman Bharat

Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY is the largest health assurance scheme in the world which aims at providing a health cover of Rs. 5 lakhs per family per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization to over 10.74 crores poor and vulnerable families (approximately 50 crore beneficiaries) that form the bottom 40% of the Indian population. The households included are based on the deprivation and occupational criteria of Socio-Economic Caste Census 2011(SECC 2011) for rural and urban areas respectively.

Recharge & Bill Payment

Recharge & Bill Payment

Mobile recharge and Data Cards are now easier than ever. Retailers can quickly recharge Mobile and Data Card of all the operators through EazyPan portal. This facility provides customers an ease of access as they now no more need to search for their operator’s official store rather they just have to visit their nearest EazyPan retail touch point. EazyPan integration with all major operators allows the quick recharge dopne on a real time basis.



Why go searching for your Bank when you have EazyPan Retail touch point next door for all your Banking needs? Aadhaar enabled Payment service (AEPS), uses Aadhaar Data and Biometric Authentication instead of signature or Debit Card information of the customers and allows them to quick withdraw, Deposit and Transfer Cash and also access Bank statements without visiting their Bank branch. So, instead of Searching for an ATM or a Bank branch, customers can visit their nearest EazyPan Retail touch point and do all of these transactions using their Aadhaar Data and Biometric Authentication.

Bank A/C Opening

Third Party Insurance

Open Multiple bank account directly from here

Why choose us?

Why Us

You want results. We have found that the best way to get them is with up front research – of your company, competitors, target market and customer psychographics. Only after we fully understand you and your customers, do we recommend a plan of attack.

Yes, we have won awards for our work. But we don’t create concepts in a vacuum – they fit into the standards of your industry. And once we have a total picture of your company, its target audience and goals, we’ll create a detailed plan – that also includes a commitment to stay on budget and on deadline.


Our prices are competitive and fair. There are no surprise bills. Any unexpected or additional expenses must be pre-approved by you. That’s how we would like to be treated, and that is how our clients are treated.

Fast Delivery

The system assigns high-scored and closest courier. Probably we provide you with fastest delivery service ever. You can book a courier delivery without creating accounts or signing contracts. The phone number for the sender and receiver is more than enough!

24X7 Support

So keep it performing at its best by upgrading your support plan. It makes sense when you consider the cost of repairs and downtime. There’s a support level tailored for every type of PC owner. See which one is right for you.

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